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Today’s best marketers and growth hackers are data-driven. In particular, they're able to pull data from marketing campaigns. Thus, they get a clear picture of what’s working - and what’s not. A key component of being data-driven is the ability to harvest data. To extract from customer databases, there are few tools that surpass SQL. Basically, none are more popular. Essentially, having access to SQL type resources means rapid data manipulation. Consequently, reports are produced presenting useful, business changing and decision making factors.

Nybble’s bespoke software development team are skilled in languages and techniques. Therefore, allowing bespoke software development, mobile apps, business intelligence and data management. Essentially, no task is too small or too big. In short, talk to our team to discover how convergence can help powerfully drive your business forward.

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WIP Portal

Our WIP Portal is revolutionising the automotive industry. Providing dealerships with an effective tool to boost revenue and productivity.

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Vehicle Appraisal App

The appraisal app requests required information. Crucially, nothing is left to chance - minimising risk. Subsequently, Dealerships utilising the software agree that productivity is increased in a cost effective manner.

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