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Today’s best marketers and growth hackers are data-driven. They are able to pull data about their marketing campaigns and use that data to get a clear picture of what’s working (and what’s not). A key component of being data-driven is the ability to quickly collect data. For pulling data from customer databases, there are few better tools out there than SQL and none that are more popular. Having access to SQL type development resources, you can quickly manipulate data and present it as useful, business changing, decision making factors.

Nybble’s bespoke software development team is skilled in a multitude of languages and development techniques, which allow for bespoke software development, mobile apps, business intelligence and information management. No task is too small or too big. Talk to our “always connected” team to discover how convergence can help drive your business forward in a powerful way.

WIP Portal

Our WIP Portal is revolutionising the automotive industry.
Providing dealerships with an effective tool to boost revenue and productivity.

Customer Experience

Clear communication is vital. Make sure that YOU are the dealership that gets it right, with documents jointly produced with the customer, our software ensures engagement, respect, loyalty and important recurring visits.


Enhanced front facing and internal depart mental communication. Effective dialogue between departments increases efficiency. Customers see you as one business, we link your departments to share vital data.


Your customers may interact with every department in your dealership, we provide your team with all they need to be efficient & highly productive. Maximising after sales business and excellent customer care.

Vehicle Appraisal App

The appraisal app requests required information, nothing is left to chance – minimising risk. Dealerships utilising the software agree that the application has, without exception, increased productivity and cost effectiveness.


The appraisal app has been designed to be intuitive and clear. Inputting data is simple. The ability to collate multimedia data means a clear
record of the vehicle is then accessible to the dealership.


Nothing is left to chance. In addition to clear, detailed written records, you will also have multi-aspect photographs, editable diagrams of the vehicle for items that may not be apparent on the pictures and client signature.


The appraisal app is designed to save time and costs. Dealership logo can be added for the personal touch. Fields can be programmed to be mandatory. End result is a PDF document which can be viewed or emailed.

How Can Nybble Help Your Business?

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