Data Backup – World Backup Day 31st March 2016

Back up, back up and back up again!

Continuing our articles on disaster recovery, data storage and managed Data Backup services, we are fully supportive of World Backup Day 2016.

Whether you are an individual or a business owner, you store far more information digitally than you realise. For some, that realisation only sinks in when that information is lost due to system failure. Out of curiosity, I googled prices for data recovery, carried out within 48 hours, for hard drive failure; what I found was verification for prevention all the way. For business owners who fail to maintain a regular back up plan, the loss of data could lead to a horrific problem and not only financially. Systems fail, hard drives fail and horror of horrors – servers stop working. You simply must not ignore Data Backup; it needs to be a task as natural as putting on your seatbelt.

We can help

At Nybble we provide full solutions for your IT requirements. We also provide Data Hosting Services. Using our data hosting exchange solution provides these key features and benefits:

  • Security using SSL (Secured Socket Layer)
  • Access to your data anywhere – PC, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet & Browser
  • Pay as you go for only what you need
  • Ease of use and maintenance simple to do
  • Reliability and disaster recovery capabilities
  • UK based storage as standard
  • Simple migration process
  • No capital outlay
  • Full support with no hidden charges
  • Competitive pricing

We have some very large companies under our wing and we protect their data and have backup plans in place should something awful happen. All it takes is for one server to go down and a whole section of your business could be unable to function. We have one of the fastest response times in the industry, we don’t tell you it could take up to 4 hours to hear from us, we are accessible 24/7 and our clients appreciate our northern warmth and our plain speak – we don’t make promises we can’t keep. So if you want your IT services managed, made secure, backed up and robust, call us or email us and we will tailor to your requirement.

Proof of the pudding

If you read statistics online and I urge you to read my post on disaster recovery about this topic:  it’s a well quoted statistic that a business hit by floods or disaster is allegedly likely to close within 6 months; one of our clients WAS hit by floods and despite doing everything possible to protect against this issue, found his server underwater. Nybble technicians had a new server cabinet installed and 98% of data recovered within 2 hours, everything recovered essential to his business. Call us we can help you.

Facing the challenge of Data Backup

When was the last time you backed up your information? How would you feel if you lost that fantastic accrued library of mp3’s, that special photo of a loved one you never got around to printing, all your tax records or the software programs you have long ago lost the discs and licenses for? As a business user, do you have a backup of your client list? Is your sensitive information safe and have you got a plan in place should the worst happen, ideally involving backup copies of everything, stored away from your business location?

With reports of another nasty ransomware (malicious code that freezes everything and demands a ransom to unlock) doing the rounds and affecting some major companies worldwide, backup should not be a consideration – it should be a necessity. We will tailor a solution to what you need and what you can afford, call us now and see how we can help.

Posted by Jill Wells 30/03/2016

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Data Recovery – Do you need Online backup?

Data Recovery – Online Backup or Online Storage?

With almost all information stored digitally these days, having a secure, reliable back up for data recovery not only makes practical sense but in some cases, is a legal requirement. Ideally, the backup should be located away from the original source to protect against natural disasters, fire, theft, malicious software, hacking attack or hardware failure. Never underestimate the human element, accidental or intentional, a lot of problems have been caused historically by human error or a disgruntled employee. Backing up your data to the cloud is the most common, modern way of protecting yourself. So what is the difference between online back up and online storage? Which do you need for peace of mind or do you need both? Hopefully our article will help you understand data recovery.

The difference explained

Online backup is designed to provide you with a full replica of your data so your business can be back up and running, with as little downtime as possible, should a disaster occur or systems become compromised. Online storage allows you to store pictures, sync and share files and achieve access to individual files from multiple devices. Although online storage has a level of security, specialised data backup providers have much more robust systems in place. So if your concern is for preserving data and valuable files in a safe and secure environment, you don’t use a facility that has been designed to be accessed, synchronised and shared. Although they have many similarities, data recovery resources are clearly very different than data storage solutions.

Where to find the best solution?

Nybble are specialists at finding the right product for your organisation, from our own solutions to products supplied through our partners we can find the right match whether you are a small business just starting out, a corporation with a six figure turnover or an organisation requiring a high level protection for legal and litigation reasons – we have clients already benefitting from the protection we can offer. Have an informal consultation with us and see how we can help you.

Key Features & Benefits we can offer:

  • Encrypted at source
  • Secure transfer (SSL).
  • Backs up most known operating systems, databases, files, applications & virtual environments.
  • 100% Restorable.
  • Military grade encryption.
  • User friendly management console.
  • Unique compression rate.
  • Optimising technologies.
  • Multiple restore options to suit.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • No capital outlay.
  • Compatible with your existing IT infrastructure.

There really is no need to put yourself or your business at risk, we can tailor a solution to your need. If you are not able to pay the upfront fee demanded by so many providers, talk to us – we can offer managed packages enabling you to be protected from the moment you invite us to help, spreading the cost at a rate you can afford. Nybble has helped to support new businesses and watched them blossom into leaders in their sectors, we understand the pressures and the unique needs.

As Jack Schofield said in his Guardian article, “As Schofield’s Second Law of Computing asserts, data doesn’t really exist unless you have two copies of it. Preferably more. And the only person who can be held responsible for that is you.”

Call us for an informal chat about your data backup requirements, for your business and let us help. For more information, please email with “Data backup enquiry” as your subject line.

Posted by Jill Wells 16/03/2016

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