Why IT Support Is Pivotal For Your Business In 2022

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Over the past couple of years, if there is one thing that businesses have learnt, it’s the art of adaptability.

Many aspects of our lives have changed as we have been forced to make major adjustments due to the impacts of COVID-19, including the importance of staff being able to work effectively through the pandemic in remote locations away from their usual office desk.

Flexible working is here to stay, with 83% of UK office workers believing that remote working will remain moving forward beyond the pandemic. The impacts of change in the modern-day workplace are part of many reasons why remote IT support is crucial for your business moving into 2022.

The importance of intelligent automation

In March 2020 when lockdown struck the UK, one of the biggest concerns of employers was how their staff would continue to communicate effectively remotely. With remote working set to continue to operate as the norm, the importance of intelligent automation is more vital than ever. Hiring remote IT support will allow your businesses communication to thrive, with many different digital methods available allowing you to work best with what suits your businesses requirements.

Not only can intelligent automation allow your business to work effectively regardless of staff locations, but it can also speed up processes, allowing them to work more effectively and accurately than ever before. IT support businesses can provide automated technologies such as robotic process automation, natural language processing and intelligent document processing to reduce the dependence on repetitive, manual labour whilst also taking the risk of human error out of important tasks for your business.

Improvement in remote support technology

When thinking of IT support, many are hit with the horrifying image of being sat on the phone for hours whilst a technician desperately seeks a solution to their problem. Luckily, this form of IT support is a thing of the past.

IT support technology has also evolved, with many tools now available through applications such as Teamviewer to allow IT guru’s to quickly solve issues remotely. In the past, 73% of employees have stated that they’ve had to wait for more than five hours for an issue to be resolved – this is undoubtedly now a thing of the past, with the vast majority of issues now being fixable within minutes.

Not only is IT support on hand to quickly fix problems, but automated tools that can be quickly be put into place for businesses can help seek out problems before they arise, whilst also prolonging the life of devices, further reducing business expenses.

Enhanced cyber security

As advancements in technology continue to develop at a rapid rate, unfortunately, so does the threat of cyber attacks to businesses that are not cyber secure. It is no longer the case that cybercriminals are looking to target multinationals or governments, but have now expanded their reach to target smaller businesses, gaining access to personal data of the company and holding it for ransom.

In 2018, 10.5 billion malware attacks took place, which amounts to more than 38 million every single day, this number is set to rise, with the businesses that do not have sufficient IT support likely to be the ones who become victims to these attacks.

IT support businesses have many solutions available which can be tailored to fit the requirements of different businesses, depending on their size and industry, in order to best ensure they remain cyber secure.

Read more about cyber security and how Nybble can help keep your business safe here.

Peace of mind

Whilst all of the above will undoubtedly bring peace of mind that your business is able to communicate effectively, automate processes to improve efficiency and best ensure cyber security, having an IT support business on board will further enhance your peace of mind that you are receiving all of the best technological solutions available for your business.

Technology is continuing to improve at a rapid rate, therefore meaning that moving forward further automatic processes will become available. Having an IT savvy company to work alongside you will ensure that you receive options for the latest technology as soon as it becomes available, allowing you to stay ahead of your competition, whilst only continuing to improve client satisfaction.

For more information on the IT support services that Nybble can offer, please call 0330 002 0886, email enquiries@nybble.co.uk or visit our website.

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