The ‘Beeb’ does its micro:bit!

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Introducing the BBC micro:bit computer

With October just days away, the BBC will launch its BBC micro:bit project to year 7 pupils across the UK. As passionate supporters of technology education, we love this free initiative, encouraging children to have an avid interest in computer science. The new curriculum, guides children to computer science literacy and computational thinking. Partners on the project include: ARM, Barclays, element14, Freescale, our very own Lancaster University, Microsoft, Nordic Semiconductor, Samsung and ScienceScope. Also involved are the “TechnologyWillSaveUs” and Wellcome Trust organisation.

The device is used for a variety of activities. From robotics to messaging. Furthermore, the micro:bit is packed with features such as flashing LED lights and a USB port. The fully programmable computer controls games and interacts with other devices and the internet according to the BBC. (See links below for further information).



A new generation of programmers

This young generation will be the software developers of tomorrow. Handling code from such an early age can only encourage innovative young thinkers. Totally in tune with technology, developing ideas will be second nature. Problem solving in this way will benefit all children. Consequently, arming them with tools they can take into a variety of employment opportunities in the future. Think how children have adapted to the technology on offer today and use with absolute ease in situations where the adults scratch their heads! I just ask my daughter to connect my phone to WiFi because it takes her seconds where it takes me an age to sort out… This embracing of technology by education is a step forward not only in learning but in thinking and approach and it makes what may be coming from this generation a very exciting prospect indeed.

Don’t have worries or feel intimidated by what your child is learning, it may be a great opportunity for you to spend quality time with your child and learn something yourself at the same time.

Further reading: Official BBC site here:

Posted by Jill Wells 28/09/2015

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