Ransomware – Top 5 ways to stay virus-free

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What is a Ransomware attack?

Advancements in technology in recent years have been wonderful for society in every-day life, making work more efficient and entertainment easier to come by.   

Despite all the positives advancements in technology have brought, there are also a few negatives. Viruses and hackers have become more and more frequent, leaving hundreds of thousands of people vulnerable to malware attacks every year. 

Ransomware is one form of malware that is affecting more and more people every year. This form of virus works by infecting your device, making it unusable whilst also holding personal data, which an online hacker would then charge you to get back.

This form of hacking can be very profitable for these online criminals, therefore making it an increasingly popular hacking method. However, the threat of these attacks can be limited by following a few steps.

5 ways to stay protected against Ransomware:

  1. Install antivirus software – your first step to keep any virus off your PC should be to have up to date antivirus protection, which will vastly limit the chances of your device being infected.
  2. Avoid clicking any suspicious links – Be careful clicking any links, especially when you don’t know where they’ve come from! Most ransomware attacks happen through people clicking links sent to them through email.
  3. Keep your security software up to date – As technology develops, so do these viruses! Keep all software up to date for the best defence against these malware attacks.
  4. Don’t use torrents – Downloading a torrent means that your IP address can be seen by everyone. If a hacker finds your IP address and notices that your firewall is turned off, they can come into your PC and get all of your data!
  5. Backup your data – Whilst these steps will reduce the threat of ransomware, they won’t eliminate it. Backing up your data will ensure that if you do become the victim of a ransomware attack, your data will be safe and the hacker will hold less of a threat.

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