St Joseph’s RC Primary School Hurst Green


Case Study – New ICT Suite

At Nybble we believe that when you walk into a school you should see IT, not just at the edges of the classroom but being fully utilised and integral to the teaching in this fast evolving technical age. ICT should not just be extensive and friendly but robust, reliable and a powerful, enlightening learning tool. So when, we were approached by St Joseph’s RC Primary to breathe new life into their suite, we were happy to handle the challenge.

The Head Teacher was clear about her vision for the school and wanted an individual and tailor-made approach to designing and ultimately creating an exciting new learning environment.

Disruption needed to be kept to a minimum so that precious teaching time wasn’t lost and she wanted to know that once all the details had been agreed, nybble could efficiently complete the challenge.


Our Solution

We assessed what was needed and listened carefully to what the staff really wanted in order to be high achieving and confident whilst utilising efficient, robust IT systems. We made sure we covered every detail during the planning, this meticulous attention to detail ensured everything during the installation went smoothly and according to plan.

Using equipment purchased within the school budget and using high quality components and interactive technologies, the suite was transformed. We try, where possible, to cause as little disruption to precious teaching time as we can, working with the school team to time the installation when it was most convenient. Happily the school were delighted with the result and another happy client was added to the Nybble family.



“The degree of planning for our new ICT suite left absolutely nothing to chance. The installation went brilliantly and

overall we have thrilled with Nybble.”

Elizabeth Stevens – Head Teacher

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