Nybble.co.uk Partners with Blackburn Youth Zone

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Nybble.co.uk are proud to announce that it has joined Blackburn Youth Zone’s Patron Network. The Youth Zone is at the heart of Blackburn’s Community and is aimed at helping young people. Nybble last year founded the Nybble academy, the academy is designed help young people get into the world of I.T. and provided them with the skills and qualifications. The partnership with the Youth Zone will be an asset to both Nybble and the Community.

Nybble joins Blackburn Youth Zone.

Ram Gupta from Nybble IT said:

“When Nybble were asked to help with the youth zone, we looked for ways to make it possible.  It’s with great humility and pride, that Nybble I.T. are truly delighted to be part of the youth zone patronage. The youth zone provides a platform for our younger generation to succeed and excel in what they can aspire to be.  Investing in the youth of our society helps shape a bright and prosperous future.  I hope our contribution can help deliver the vision we share as a patronage and society. Thanks to the youth zone team and to our customers for making this possible.”

Read the full article on Blackburn Youth Zone.

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