Microsoft announce retirement of Internet Explorer 11

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Microsoft have announced that they will be retiring Internet Explorer 11 in June 2022, with Microsoft Edge being its replacement as a faster, more secure browser, offering a better experience for its users when searching online.

How will this affect you?

If you are still using Internet Explorer as your browser, Microsoft have recommended switching over to Microsoft Edge before June 15 2021, in order to ensure you will be browsing on a faster, more secure network.

The good news about this is that you probably already have this installed on your Windows PC, and this can be found by typing in ‘Microsoft Edge’ in your Windows 10 search bar.

If you do not already have this installed, you can do so by clicking here.

Once you’ve opted in to moving to Microsoft Edge, it’s easy to bring over your passwords, favourites and other browsing data from Internet Explorer in a few clicks. If you still need to access a website through Internet Explorer, you will be able to, as Microsoft Edge has Internet Explorer built-in.

Why the change?

Microsoft have displayed the below reasons for the change:

Improved compatibility – Microsoft Edge has a dual engine advantage that supports both legacy and modern websites, which is something that Internet Explorer did not have, giving Edge the ability to have higher versatility and support more websites. Microsoft Edge is also built on the Chromium project – the technology that powers many of today’s browsers – which means it delivers top-quality support for modern sites, therefore offering the best technology for both past and future websites.

Streamlined productivity – Having to use different browsers for different websites can be frustrating and time-consuming. Microsoft Edge’s dual-engine advantage means that the vast majority of websites will work through Edge, allowing you to keep all of your research in one place whilst browsing.

Better browser security – The threats of online security breaches are increasing, with hackers becoming more intelligent, resulting in thousands of attempted attacks taking place every minute. Microsoft claim that Edge is up to the challenge of this threat, with the browser having the highest-rated protection against phishing and malware attacks, ensuring you are safer online with this browser. It also offers Password Monitor, which scans the dark web to identify if your personal credentials have been compromised. Click here for more information on how you can best ensure your safety against harmful malware attacks online.

For more information on the retirement of Internet Explorer 11, or any details on how we can help you optimise your business’ IT further, please call 01254 673806 or email

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