Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows

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Well, this is the perfect guide for you. In this article we will go over some of the best and quickest ways to make navigating your computer a little bit easier.


Here are some of the best keyboard shortcuts for windows

Switching between open programmes is made easy with Alt + Tab. By holding Alt + Tab together it will open a menu, then while still holding down Alt, tap down on the Tab button until you get to the programme you want to open. Similarly, Alt + Esc will switch between programs in the order they were opened.

No more searching for your file explorer with Windows Key + E, by holding these together your file explorer will automatically open.

Windows Key + M will minimize all windows at once.

Shift + Windows Key + M will restore windows the previously minimized windows.

Alt + F4 is to quit the active application or close the current window.

By holding Windows Key + Up Arrow, this will maximize the current window.

Windows + Break will open system properties

Ctrl + F4 is to close active document (this does not work for certain applications or programmes)

Alt + F4 will close active application or current window

Alt + Spacebar will open the menu for the active programme

Windows Key + F opens search for file and folders

Windows Key + D will hide/display your desktop.

Ctrl + Shift + Esc opens Task Manager

Windows Key + G opens your game bar and lets you screen record record

Window Key + V opens your clipboard

Ctrl + Alt + Any Arrow key will change the orientation of your screen

Windows Key + L will lock your computer


Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome

(These will only work for Windows)

Ctrl + Tab will move you to next tab

Ctrl + Shift + Tab will move you to the previous tab

To open a new Window quickly hold Ctrl + N together

To open a new tab hold Ctrl + T together

Hold Ctrl + P to print out the current page

Ctrl + S will save the current page

By pressing F5 this will reload the current page

Ctrl + D will save the current page as a bookmark



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