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Especially, for the education sector, IT has never been more important. We are a friendly, experienced and professional ICT team. Consequently, we have supported schools for over 18 years. Our Apple and Microsoft certified engineers hold leading industry accreditations. In brief, we tailor our support to your individual needs. Moreover, our team includes consultants with educational backgrounds. As a result, we really understand what's needed. Particularly, providing prompt robust solutions. Because we collaborate with our clients, this leads to a reliable infrastructure. Thereby, allowing you to teach with confidence. Our schools feel secure knowing that IT administration is taken care of in the background. Thus, they enjoy minimum disruption.

Accredited Engineers

Future Trends


ICT Suite Refurbishment

Together with, our leading UK partners, we
provide meticulous planning and over
18 years of experience. Thereby, bringing an
infrastructure with powerful performance.

Reliable, Robust ICT Equipment

Above all, we understand choosing reliable
ICT equipment is complex. We work with you
to understand your goals. Thus, achieving what
you want to achieve with new hardware.

Audio & Video Solutions

Interactive technologies create exciting and
dynamic lessons. Collaborative learning
environments and increase engagement
and attainment as a result.

Education & Licensing

Importantly, Nybble have a close working
relationship with Microsoft and are a fully
qualified Microsoft Authorised Education
Reseller (AER).

Network Solutions

In addition, we survey, design, install & support
wired & wireless networks, incorporating
predictable performance and SmartReach.

School ICT Support

We offer regular support visits as part of our school maintenance package. This provides proactive, ongoing help and advice to your team. Also, in person, remotely or by telephone our team will answer your ICT related questions. As a result, we keep your school running smoothly.

ICT Equipment

Occasionally, choosing reliable ICT equipment for your school is complex. Fortunately, we harness the latest technologies. Hence, providing improvements and enhancements for the most cost effective solutions.

Education & Licensing

Microsoft licensing support helps by removing licensing complexity. Thus, freeing up your time. Essentially, we supply and install licences leaving you free to teach. To summarise, our aim is minimal lost teaching time for improved pupil attainment.

ICT Suites

Overall, Technology in schools is more sophisticated. Our entire team is committed to meeting schools’ requirements. Finally, we enjoy a reputation for affordable and effective services representing value and high standards.

Services We Offer

Servers, Desktops & Mobile Devices | Educational Licensing | Apple Solutions | SIMS Support
Wired & Wireless Networking | ICT Suite Refurbishment | Special AV Solutions | Projectors
Touch Screen TV | CCTV & Security Solutions | Cloud Services | Websites | Training

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