Introducing Tetrade – Nybble’s e-commerce venture

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Have you heard of Tetrade? Designed and coded by our very own web team, Nybble’s e-commerce sister site offers the best value refurbished IT for businesses and consumers, this includes laptops, desktops, gaming, software, audiovisual and much more at a fraction of the price you’d pay elsewhere, but with the same level of quality.

Grade A refurbished

As well as the excellent pricing, all renewed Tetrade products are Grade A refurbished. This means that all products have been carefully picked and thoroughly checked to always meet the high standard that our customers deserve.

As a result of this, all Tetrade stock is in pristine condition both in the way it looks, as well as the way it operates, offering incredible value for money.

New and refurbished goods

As well as refurbished, we also have a wide range of new IT equipment available at a price you will struggle to find elsewhere.

Having both new and refurbished equipment available to our consumers is important to us, as allowing them a wide range of options, regardless of their budget, ensures great value for money whilst also ensuring they get exactly the product they are after, and never have to settle for less.

Striving to meet your requirements

Following in the footsteps of sister site Nybble, Tetrade follows the same ethos that we will listen to any problem our customer has, before evaluating it and quickly coming to a solution that bests suits their needs.

Whilst there is already a wide range of IT products available through Tetrade, with even more being added daily, be sure to contact us if there is anything specific you require that is not already live – we’re sure we’ll be able to find the perfect solution!

Email, call us on +44 (0)3300 020 889 or fill in our contact form here if you have any queries or product requests.

Visit Tetrade here, and keep up to date as we continue to add more great deals every day.

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