Introducing Google Workspace – The future of your business in a rapidly adapting world

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Ever since its launch in 1998, Google has powered the way the world has moved in the technology industry.

With an estimation that Google has near two billion active monthly users, it is undoubted that the company have experienced high levels of success. Now, they are looking to use this success to take their user experience to the next level.

What is Google Workspace?

An upgrade on the former version known as G-Suite, this new technology is designed with the forever-changing modern-day working world in mind. Google understanding that the days of piling into an office to all work under one roof are gone, although, through this tool, it has become just as easy to work together, regardless of where you are located.

The following programs are included as part of the Google Workspace package. Designed with user experience at the forefront of their focus, Google have created this space to allow you to have many of your working tools together, whilst remaining easily accessible.

Google Workspace features, including Gmail, Meet, Docs, Drives, Slides and much more

These programs have been specifically targeted to ensure that businesses can continue to work efficiently wherever they are. As mentioned before, Google are aware of the changing working world and the demand of their customers, therefore Workspace has been designed for maximum efficiency for its users.

Want details on any of Workspace’s features? Click any of the links to learn more about them.

Gmail –

Meet –

Chat –

Calendar –

Drive –

Docs –

Sheets –

Slides –

Forms –

Sites –

Currents –

Keep –

Apps Script –

Cloud Search –

Built for modern-day business

Already acting as a source to ensure productivity for millions of businesses worldwide, Google Workspace can ensure that your business stays organised in the vastly adapting modern-day business climate. Whilst this is obviously a positive for any business, here are some more reasons as to why a switch to Workplace would be beneficial for your business.

Collaborate in real-time

71% of small to mid-size businesses have moved from a physical office to the virtual world and Google Workspace has been designed with this in mind, offering real-time collaboration which allows colleagues to work on documents together, live. According to a report from Quadrant Strategies, 92% of Google Workspace users have said this has become the way that they operate to create documents and work together virtually, proving its effectiveness.

Improve your website

Whether you are looking to start up/upgrade your business’ website or need a new interactive way to communicate remotely with customers, Google Sites is designed to have you covered.

Even with no prior programming experience, Google Sites is easy to use to build whatever it is your business requires. Creating new content, or just dragging and dropping content from other aspects of your business is both easy and quick to do, meaning whatever online resource you require, you can build it exactly the way you want quickly and effectively.  

Already using other services? No problem!

The good news is that if you are already using Office 365, you can switch all of your resources over to Google Workspace in an estimated time of less than half an hour due to Google’s Data Migration services.

For details on which plan would be most effective for your business, please contact, call 0330 002 0886 or visit

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