How Nybble can help your business thrive through lockdown

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With yet another lockdown now enforced in the UK, Nybble is on hand to offer you solutions to help your business not only survive, but work effectively and thrive through these tough times. We’re here to help your business gain some certainty in a world of uncertainty.

Communication – Microsoft Teams

In any business, communication is key. In previous lockdowns 30% of people working from home said they have worked more hours, with the most likely reason for this being the lack of productivity whilst working out of office.

Through Microsoft Teams, productivity can be vastly raised by bringing efficiency whilst working as part of a team.

Teams offers advantages such as easy-to-use video calling for meetings and the ability to share documents through screen-sharing, allowing real-time collaboration through documents from home. Many who have used teams believe it has increased productivity overall and have therefore opted to keep using Teams post-lockdown as it removes inconveniences such as travel time, allowing everyone to work more efficiently, even after lockdown.

Through communication software like teams, more than 55% of workers believe that their colleagues have become just as, if not more, productive in working at home.

Finance software – Sage

Sage is software that can help your business to manage your finances online, allowing ease both through the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond. The features of Sage include automated payment reminders and custom email templates that can be set up to make the management of your finances easier than ever before.

Many more services are also available to enhance your ability to work from home including Hootsuite (social media management), Google Hangout (effective communication method) and Zoho (various online services).


For workers continuing to work in office, Nybble also offers a range of products to ensure your safety at work.

Our NybbleCare services, available to see here, offer a range of products designed to ensure your safety at work.

Check out our blog giving more details on this range here.  

As well as this range of products and services, Nybble also offer business to business IT solutions to help your business, should you end up lingering on any technical problems whilst working away from office.

Check out our website, call us on 0330 002 0885 or email us at for further details on our services.  

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