How Nybble Can Help Your Business Remain Safe As Social Distancing Restrictions Ease

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From July 19 social distancing regulations have been scrapped in England, meaning people can now move around freely in larger groups, with very few restrictions in place.

As a result of this, many businesses will be able to arrange meetings in person and have more staff back in their offices for the first time since the pandemic struck 18 months ago.

Nybble are on-hand to ensure our customers’ safety and have designed a range of products to ensure your staff and visitors can remain as safe as possible despite the easing of restrictions.


Our NybbleSanitiser devices are a touch-free, digital way to bring increased safety to your workplace.

Whilst we offer a range of different devices, all our sanitisers have auto-dispense technology, due to Infra-Red sensors, and digital signage, allowing you to manage, deploy and update content on the display using our cloud content management system.

Read more on all of our NybbleSanitiser solutions here: 


Our NybbleScan facial recognition system is a quick, easy, and touch-free way to detect high temperatures in both staff and visitors upon entry to your building.

With the ability to detect temperatures within less than 300ms and having a detection range of up to 1.5m, this piece of equipment is perfect for ensuring your work environment stays as safe as possible.

Read more on NybbleScan here:

Digital Check-in

Our new digital check-in technology is designed to ensure that everybody coming in and out of your business can be tracked quickly and easily.

With Visitor, Staff Sign In, Contractor and Pre-registered options, the management and control of all visitors to your site couldn’t be simpler. In addition, the unit is a modular system and allows you the flexibility to choose the visitor management options that are essential to you.

Furthermore, the reporting module can generate Emergency Roll Calls, Visitor, Staff and Contractor reports. Consequently, you can print or share reports with ease. Moreover, we provide bespoke developments to meet specific needs.

Read more on digital check-in options here:

For further information on any of our new services, or to arrange a free demo on any of the above products please give the Nybble team a call on 0330 0020 886 or email us at

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