Digital Signage: Five reasons why it’s time you upgrade

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When investing in signage, businesses are often finding it difficult to decide what path to go down, with so many different options available. In the past, printed banners and signs have been businesses go-to options for their advertising, however, this is now changing, with the increasing quality of digital signage.

This article will cover the reasons why your business should consider investing in digital signage, as well as how Nybble can help you transition most effectively.

1. Communicate to many audiences with one sign

One of the great things about digital signage is the ability to run multiple ads for multiple different audiences, on the same sign at no additional cost.

Our digital signage software allows you to set up and run many advertisements as you would like, on the same screen. This software is fully customisable, allowing you to place ads on a timer, which can be cycled through at any speed you desire.

2. Instantly update/schedule ads

As well having the ability to place as many rolling ads on a screen as you would like, our digital signage will also allow you to instantly update your playlist, meaning from the second you place an advert on the system, it can be displayed instantly to all your screens, regardless of their location.

This is not possible with traditional signage, due to the fact this process is manual, costing you time, money, and staff-time that a digital solution would not.

3. Save costs

Although the initial cost of purchase may be higher for digital signage, the long-term savings will be immense. Not having to spend to print new copies for every advertisement that you run will save costs within your business greatly and allow you to run as many advertisements as you would like, without having to worry about these additional costs.  

The average price to display a printed banner in the UK is £67. Having the ability to run multiple of these every week for free will ensure your business saves thousands every year, whilst also undoubtedly increasing the presence of your business through increased effectiveness.

4. Add sound to display

Whilst research shows that digital images are more engaging for all audiences, audio is also becoming more attractive to all generations.

Research shows that audio listening has increased by 22% over the last year, with evidence showing that whilst digital signage is bringing higher audience engagement, so is audio.

Traditional printing media does not give the option to further engage with your audience through audio, instantly making the content less appealing to the majority of your audience, and consequently reducing the effectiveness of your advertisement.  

Collaborating audio with digital signage is another possibility that Nybble can offer, offering an even more engaging experience, and something that printed signage cannot compete with.

5. Create more eye-catching content

Every advertisement has the same ultimate goal – to catch the attention of its audience.

Research shows that digital signs capture an average of 400% more views than static printed signs, therefore meaning that whilst your signage is cheaper digitally, it also undeniably has a greater chance of attracting a larger audience, consequently increasing the effectiveness of your campaign.

How Nybble can help

At Nybble, before selling you any signage we will listen to your requirements. What do you want to use the signage for? Where will this be placed? What is your budget? What market/markets will you be looking to target?

Following this, we can find the most appropriate, effective solution for yourselves within your budget, before carrying out a tidy and efficient installation, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction at every stage of the process.

For more information on how we can assist you with digital signage, please contact us on 0330 002 0886, email or visit our website.

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