SEO is vital to having a successful website. Do you want your website to be found by potential clients?

If the answer is yes, it needs to be seen in the search results. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a term that covers the varied tasks that ensure a website is set up appropriately so that the search engines can read and index the information you are presenting on your site.

You may link to another site from one of your pages for example, if the site takes down that piece of information, you then have a ‘broken’ link. Over time, issues like this can grow in number and seriously affect how the search engines rate or rank your site. The lower the ranking, the further down the list of search results you are placed.

From headings to the snippet of information describing what is on the page, search engines like Google or Bing have requirements. Even pictures used on your site must be labelled correctly and voice searches must be catered for. Moreover, searches carried out by people with additional needs must be taken into consideration by way of methods such as readability.

When content on the site is keyword driven, it means that the author has researched which phrases or words are most commonly used when searching for a particular product or service. Good content, optimised by an SEO specialist, ensures a higher proportion of people or ‘traffic’ visiting the site for more information.

SEO can be used for organic results, which means gradually building your site to be compliant, informative and chosen over competition. You need an excellent ranking and trust rating. You can also take the option of a Pay-Per-Click campaign where keywords are purchased, and you will be placed as a paid advert on the search results page, for a time according to your budget and your ranking.

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At Nybble, we can guide you through the options. We pride ourselves on helping you create a website which is trusted by the search engines and easily adapts to the frequent changes that Google implements. We are all about creating sites which achieve results long-term.
We also like to be fully transparent, so you understand everything we are doing and why it benefits your business. This then empowers you, ensuring you have full control and direction.

Yes, with the right budget you can be on page 1 immediately, but with careful changes you can do this without an expensive campaign. With the right approach, you can be well placed because you have an authoritative, trusted, efficient website which stays well placed 365 days a year. You can consistently out-perform the competition organically and build a loyal following through all important word-of-mouth advertising.

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