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Marketing your product or service has never been more difficult. Content is key because words really do sell.

You’ve written a beautiful, 1000-word article about your product or service, found a suitable image and uploaded it to your website. You’ve checked the grammar and the spelling and made sure you haven’t broken any rules. The traffic will surely come rolling in now, yes?

The answer is probably no.

The internet is a vast melting pot of thought and opinion, good information and bad, everyone trying to jostle to the top spot of google page 1. Some corporations pay thousands of pounds daily to get their voice heard, only to find traffic is finding its way to a small shop, in a small street in a small town. How can this be?

The winners in the information war don’t just write an article, they devise a strategy using content as the key weapon. They arm information with every trick available to outdo the competition.
Their articles will provide every answer to a question, contain a high traffic core keyword and with the new algorithm from google, will also apply other elements to stand a chance of competing.

The language and tone of internet writing may not be pretty. All those years perfecting the perfect sentence is irrelevant in the world of digital information. Attention spans are short, the information on offer is unlimited. Having time to scroll through carefully is sadly, not a consideration.

Sometimes a shocking subheading screams through the noise.

GDPR has ensured that if your marketing is done incorrectly your subscribers will say, “no thank you” to your newsletter. The words you choose, knowing your audience, keywords and answering a question are all good starting points. Moreover, for your website to compete, it must be updated on a regular basis. At least 1 article a month is necessary – more if you can.

Or, you can let us write for you. You supply the information, how you want your message to be heard, what kind of tone you want to portray and we will do the rest.

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As with everything we do at Nybble, the idea is not to make you dependant on us but show you the way to get the best results possible so that at some point we can hand back the reins and let you and your business flourish. We like you to be in control and understand what we are doing and why.

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