Cyber Security – Is your business safe against the threat of online attacks?

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Advancements in technology in recent years have been wonderful for society in everyday life, allowing work to be more efficient and entertainment easier to come by.

However, with the positives of these advancements, there also come negatives. Cybercrime has become increasingly popular and increasingly profitable for hackers, resulting in hundreds of thousands becoming victims of these attacks every year.

What is malware?

Simply described, malware is malicious software designed by computer hackers that is used to try and cause harm to your computers, mobiles, tablets and other devices.

If your devices become infected by any form of malware it can cause significant damage by slowing or stopping your device from working. Often, malware can even get access to personal data, such as bank details, which are often held for ransom.

An increasing threat

It is no longer the case where cybercriminals are only looking to target multinationals or governments.  Small and medium-sized businesses are being targeted in more sophisticated ways, or being used in supply chain attacks to gain access to larger companies cybersecurity, which has become even more crucial for every business.

As the technological world continues to develop at a rapid rate, so do these attacks. In 2018, 10.5 billion malware attacks took place, which amounts to more than 38 million every single day.

As awareness of these attacks has increased, IT businesses have managed to prevent a large amount of these attacks in recent years, however, it is still estimated that there is a hacker attacking a device every 39 seconds, and it is crucial to put measures in place to try and best prevent yourself, or your business, becoming the target of these attackers.

There is no guaranteed way to stop these hackers altogether, however, we can offer solutions to drastically decrease your businesses chances of becoming a victim of a cyber attack. We offer a range of antivirus solutions that are tailored to your business, taking into consideration your size, industry and many other factors.

For more information on Nybble can best support you against these attacks, as well as help your business thrive through many other forms of technology, please contact us at, call 0330 002 0885, or visit our website.

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