Pay As You Go IT Support For Schools – No Contract

IT Support Only When You Need It

Save £££’s with Pay As You Go IT Support

Ever wish you could ring your IT guy and just have him onsite when needed without being tied to a costly service level agreement (SLA)? Well now you can, Nybble are proud to announce their new on-demand solution: Pay as you go IT Support.

Choose from half day to full day and start to plan how you will invest the money you could save on costly support.

Rip Up Those SLA’s

What level of support will be offered?

Everything you would normally get with a contracted support agreement. From onsite repair to general maintenance and software/hardware installation. Our approachable engineers will guide you if you seek advice on infrastructure or new investments you may be planning.

We understand that things may be running smoothly with only the occasional glitch, support on demand fits that need by offering as much or as little support as required.

Just a few things that we can offer:

  • Wireless Solutions – Talk to us about managed wireless connectivity. Heat map and wireless surveys are available on request and existing systems can be fixed as necessary.
  • Security – Speak to the experts about anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-ransom ware – all essential areas to monitor and protect.
  • Backup – Data backup should be as automatic as putting on your seat-belt. Recovery measures are a necessity. If this is an area where you feel less than confident, just book an informal chat with our specialists.
  • On-Site Support – There when you need us. We’ll address persistent problems, update, secure, advise and install as necessary. We will also be polite and professional in appearance.
  • Smiles – These come free, we prefer to make technology accessible instead of nerve wracking.

So, want to save money?

Want to have friendly support a phone-call away?

Click on the button below and join the Nybble Family.

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Merry Christmas 2015 from everyone at Nybble :)

We would like to thank all our valued customers for their continued support throughout 2015. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🙂

Online safety for children & young people

A changing world

For people of a certain age, the internet is a revelation. Gone are the days of having no other choice than buying a reference book or borrowing one from the library. You can have answers to questions in seconds and find a topic, collect information and even if it is on the other side of the world, you can now load up google earth and look at it.

For the 20 & 30 something generation, the internet is something they have quietly mastered but they still remember a lot of how it was before the World Wide Web.


Educational services – new brochure!

Our new online brochure is here!

Educational Services at a glance.

See what we have to offer with our easy to read, no nonsense online brochure. We are really excited about what we can do to help schools, now you can see for yourself in minutes, just how extensive our services are and what a beneficial partnership it would be if you were to let us manage your IT requirements.  (more…)

The ‘Beeb’ does its micro:bit!

Introducing the BBC micro:bit computer

With October just days away, the BBC will launch its BBC micro:bit project to year 7 pupils across the UK. A free initiative, the idea is to encourage children to have an avid interest in computer science. In line with the new curriculum, children will be guided to computer science literacy and computational thinking. Partners on the project include: ARM, Barclays, element14, Freescale, our very own Lancaster University, Microsoft, Nordic Semiconductor, Samsung and ScienceScope. The Technology Will Save Us and Wellcome Trust organisations are also involved.