Manchester City Council - Microsoft 365 Training

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Manchester, UK

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Manchester City Council - Microsoft 365 Training

Following an update of their systems, transferring over to Microsoft 365 to most effectively match their ambitions of helping their community to grow, Manchester City Council’s Work and Skills Team had a core idea of how to use this software, although were curious as to how they could use it to continue to go above and beyond through this technology.

Our Solution

At Nybble, we are always on hand to listen to the requirements of our customers, before quickly making an informed decision as to how we can best help them with their needs. Understanding their aspirations was a very important part of the process for us, so we developed several interactive sessions, allowing their staff to ask any questions and best explore the full benefit of their 365 investment.

To ensure the highest quality training was provided, John, a certified Microsoft trainer, conducted the consultive element and then delivered purpose-led training based on exactly what they wanted to learn. Ensuring these sessions were interactive, not only made them highly knowledgeable but also fun, allowing members of the Work and Skills team of Manchester City Council to quickly become expert users of 365.

The feedback was tremendous, as can be seen below.

For any information on how you can book your training, or how we can help you with your IT queries, please contact or call 0330 002 0885.

“I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from colleagues, who enjoyed the relaxed nature of the training and how John approached the delivery of the sessions. Everyone enjoyed the fact that the training was largely based on making our working days easier, and simple but effective tips for using each application.


I personally appreciate the fact that the training was adapted on the fly; for example I requested we spent a little more time on OneNote than initially planned as I knew there would be a big benefit to everyone. Everyone will take different things away from it of course, but I have seen some of our learning in action over the last few weeks when in Teams meetings etc.”

Anthony Humphreys

Work and Skills Officer

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