Email Solutions

Email Solutions by Nybble. From basic POP email accounts to Hosted Exchange solutions. Email Solutions powered by Microsoft Exchange, as an approved agent, Nybble provides your business with enterprise level email and collaboration effortlessly. Capital expenditure and levels of service to match your needs.Exchange is a service whereby a provider makes a Microsoft e-mail box and space available on a server so its clients can host their data on the server. The provider manages the hosted data of its clients on the server.

When deciding between an on premise solution or a hosted solution, one of the main deciding factors will be
cost. Cloud solutions are popular for small to medium sized businesses because of the cost per mailbox, having
a dedicated hosted server, making budgeting simple and the additional benefits this service can provide such as
Office 365. There are still some instances however, where an on premise solution holds the most advantages. If
you have limited bandwidth for example, or large capacity mailboxes, it is worth exploring an on- premise solution,
especially if you regularly transfer large files.

Manage all your email accounts from a central location. Configure settings for your entire work force or for individuals. The central console allows you to add and remove users and groups and reset passwords. Alternatively, sit back and let us manage the tailor made email solutions for you.

Nybble can consult with you and advise on which solution will be the best for you. We will examine your current
requirements and then assess which solution is best and most beneficial for your present circumstances. We can
cover subjects such as having a white list, black list, archiving, 30-day visibility and retention whilst also considering
your future business growth.


  • Secured Solution using SSL (Secured Socket Layer)
  • Access your Data Anywhere: PC, Laptop, Mobile and Tablet
  • Pay as You Go, Pay Only for Mailboxes you Need
  • Reliable Solution, Disaster Recovery Capabilities
  • UK Based Data Centres
  • Simple Migration Process
  • Competitive Pricing

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