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East Lancashire Hospice Wins the Heart of Nybble

“Put this date in your diary.”
“Where and why?” I asked, looking at my busy schedule.
And that is how this whole story begins.
In that moment.

East Lancashire Hospice was then the subject of my research for the next few days. We were to take part in a fundraising initiative called the ‘Corporate Challenge’ and would compete against other local businesses to raise funds. The added incentive being the kudos of raising the most. Well, that’s what I thought at the time.

The day of the meet up and introduction arrived.         East Lancashire Hospice wins Nybble's Heart

I was surprised by how lovely and welcoming
the hospice was, nestled in such a beautiful
setting and by the number of people in
attendance, obviously from all different kinds
of businesses and all different ages.

The purpose of the challenge was laid out, I mentally took notice of what needed to be done and how much of it would land on my desk (yes, I was thinking me, me and me some more). Ram – my managing director – was grinning at me, “are you on board yet?” he asked me. I nodded (of course…).

Then, the room became quiet and a lady stepped forward.

With a halting voice and immense bravery, she told us about the day she said goodbye to her best friend, her husband. We learned about a grandson who flew in from Australia desperately trying to make it in time. How she was gently and lovingly prepared for what was to come.

But most importantly…

…how the entire family was supported not only up to that terribly sad moment, but afterwards. So much so, that now, the memories are precious not traumatic.
Even more importantly, how she is now an integral part of the Hospice team, a role that obviously helped to partially fill the huge void she may have fallen into with no clear way back. Instead, she is beautiful, inside and out, strong and able to cope. Channelling her energy into helping others.

I felt humbled, selfish and a little bit heartbroken for her and for me, I’d lost my dad and wished I could have had the luxury of those precious final moments to carry with me. Suddenly my busy schedule didn’t matter anymore.

A go fund me page was launched. Ram overcame his terror of heights and leapt like a gazelle out of a plane like superman (put a fiver in the kitty for that one Ram).

I was so proud of him. Lisa, my one-time Nybble partner-in-crime who had gone on to start her own business at the start of the challenge held an event in her beautiful Lilac Tree Shop with her partner Sarah Lucas.

The Lilac Tree



Thank you to all the ladies who took part and donated, and huge thanks to Lisa and Sarah. You can find their details here:

So many people donated, we thank you all from our hearts.

My heart has been taken, and so you will now see lots of news about the hospice interspersed with my blog posts. Please support them if you are from the region. They are totally reliant on our help, yours and mine. I think sometimes we get immune to the hardships of life but need to remember the things that really matter.

My thought as I end this piece is this…

After losing my dad, my priest said to me that there are only two questions that are important at the end:

“Was I loved?”
“Did I love?”

We come into this world, for the most part, loved and surrounded by family. Surely, as we say our goodbyes it should be the same?

Jill Wells

If you would like to donate to the East Lancashire Hospice please visit:

East Lancashire Hospice Christmas Fayre


Nybble Supports Corporate Challenge

Nybble Supports Corporate Challenge

Life is all about learning, loving and filing away those memories.

After losing my dad, my priest said to me that there are only two questions that are really important at the end:

“Was I loved?”
“Did I love?”

We come into this world, for the most part, loved and surrounded by family. Surely, as we say our goodbyes it should be the same?

I didn’t want to go to The East Lancashire Hospice when we signed up for the Corporate Challenge – companies pledging to raise funds to support them, which Nybble is proud to do this year – I didn’t want to go because I didn’t want to think about my dad.

After all the information was shared between all the business representatives, good natured competitive banter shared and a tasty bacon sandwich washed down with a fine cup of coffee…a lady quietly stepped forward.

With a halting voice and immense bravery, she told us about the day she said goodbye to her best friend, her husband. We learned about a grandson who flew in from Australia desperately trying to make it in time. How she was gently and lovingly prepared for what was to come.

But most importantly…how the entire family was supported not only up to that terribly sad moment, but afterwards. So much so, that the memories are precious not traumatic.

I walked out determined that we would help this wonderful team. My Managing Director looked and me and said, “Are you in?”

So, we are going to do a skydive (despite being terrified of heights – all of us), we are having a Fusion Ball where we will auction off a night out with the Boss Man himself at his expense and lots of other smaller fund raising events which sponsors will be invited to commit what they can.

Please help us – It is so worthwhile.

Do you love?
Are you loved?

J Wells

Pay As You Go IT Support For Schools – No Contract

IT Support Only When You Need It

Save £££’s with Pay As You Go IT Support

Ever wish you could ring your IT guy and just have him onsite when needed without being tied to a costly service level agreement (SLA)? Well now you can, Nybble are proud to announce their new on-demand solution: Pay as you go IT Support.

Choose from half day to full day and start to plan how you will invest the money you could save on costly support.

Rip Up Those SLA’s

What level of support will be offered?

Everything you would normally get with a contracted support agreement. From onsite repair to general maintenance and software/hardware installation. Our approachable engineers will guide you if you seek advice on infrastructure or new investments you may be planning.

We understand that things may be running smoothly with only the occasional glitch, support on demand fits that need by offering as much or as little support as required.

Just a few things that we can offer:

  • Wireless Solutions – Talk to us about managed wireless connectivity. Heat map and wireless surveys are available on request and existing systems can be fixed as necessary.
  • Security – Speak to the experts about anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-ransom ware – all essential areas to monitor and protect.
  • Backup – Data backup should be as automatic as putting on your seat-belt. Recovery measures are a necessity. If this is an area where you feel less than confident, just book an informal chat with our specialists.
  • On-Site Support – There when you need us. We’ll address persistent problems, update, secure, advise and install as necessary. We will also be polite and professional in appearance.
  • Smiles – These come free, we prefer to make technology accessible instead of nerve wracking.

So, want to save money?

Want to have friendly support a phone-call away?

Click on the button below and join the Nybble Family.

Contact Us

Get in Touch

Nybble can help you work within your budget - contact us today on 01254 673806 or click on the button.





5 Reasons For Outsourced IT Support

Outsourced Managed IT Services

The explosion of information technology has brought immense change. Data is available like never before, storing and retrieving information easy and efficient. Software applications appear daily, managing all areas of business and customer relationships. A diverse array of devices and programming has brought with it a new wave of consultants, bombarding inboxes to offer training. Hardware is faster, more advanced and rapidly marching towards artificial intelligence. Digital security is essential as is data storage and back-up solutions for disaster recovery.

So how do you as a business keep up? Can your IT personnel cope, are they trained up to the minute, do they have links with key manufacturers and the latest legislation? Are they providing a good return on the investment you are making? This question, amongst others, has prompted many CEO’s to outsource their IT support & services in order to navigate this digital maze.

Typical concerns about outsourced IT services

Entrusting your precious, confidential business information to a third party is not a decision to be made without serious consideration. Apprehension is perfectly justified when handing data over to a third party. Data control is complex and highly regulated; handled incorrectly it can have far-reaching, harmful repercussions for your business.

You may have relied on an individual or team for a number of years to manage your technology. Unless you commit funds to training and infrastructure, you are likely to be at a disadvantage compared with competitors who outsource. At some point you are likely to come across issues beyond the capability of your in-house team. Small to medium businesses may not have the funds to invest and technology may not be a priority at the early stages of growth.

Being locked into an agreement and unhappy with the quality of service is a risk many small businesses are not prepared to take.

So outsourcing has to be a considered process and steps taken to ensure your choice is successful. Here at Nybble we sat down and decided our top 5 benefits of outsourcing your IT management. Hopefully it will give you a much clearer picture and help you to decide if outsourcing is for you.

5 Reasons to Outsource your IT Services

1.Boost Bottom Line

How, you may ask? If I’m paying you to look after my IT, then it will cost me more right?

Just imagine that you are paying an employee £30K a year or more to manage your IT services onsite. It’s difficult for him to attend regular training because he has to be on the premises. His proposals for solutions are based on individual knowledge of manufacturers and service providers. He may not be able to negotiate good financial deals or sources. If your company was victim of DDOS attack does he have the latest information on cyber security and how to handle it? If you have a small business, you may not be able to afford a specialist and so suffer downtime as staff try to fix problems they have not encountered before.

With Nybble, if we fully manage your IT services, we are available 24/7 and a phone call away. We take away the need to invest in training, essential in the constantly evolving world of IT and provide peace of mind that should disaster happen you are likely to be back up and running with minimal downtime. You are also far more likely to be totally compliant with regulations.

Another advantage is better time efficiency and higher productivity.  You will have the ability to control how your systems are used and have misuse reported in an unbiased way. Nybble have solutions that can help you see from a centrally controlled dashboard all traffic on your networks and highlight issues.

With access to the latest applications, reduced support costs and higher productivity,  you will have a predictable budget with which to grow your business. You will be able to invest capital funds on areas directly related to products, customers and services all the while having access to the extensive knowledge base of specialists.

2.All or nothing? Not with the right partner

You may have put considerable investment into your IT Manager’s skill set helping him to become an asset. The risk of having a highly qualified expert is that he will be in demand elsewhere too and the salary may be more attractive. Now consider that by outsourcing you are paying a set cost, agreed at the onset,  for a full team of experts to look after every aspect of your IT services, getting you the best deal on hardware and using cutting edge technology to protect your assets

You may have grown your business with the same person looking after your IT requirements since inception. They may be well trained, efficient and loyal. Chances are the business is now thriving and ready for rapid expansion; this is where you can partner with an IT Solutions company merely for them to enhance what you already have. Nybble provide this layer of expertise to many clients who have their own effective in-house IT teams. We cover periods of sickness, holidays and whenever a situation arises that requires a higher level of skill or knowledge.

The focus of an in-house employee is to ensure the smooth running of systems and services. By having a third party involved you are sharing the responsibility for your infrastructure as your partner has a vested interest in keeping the business running smoothly and is guaranteed to have great relationships with leading and reliable vendors. Having a backup for trouble shooting when needed just makes sense, especially if you are only paying for what you need when you need it.

3.What you need when you need it

IT requirements fluctuate. Your particular need may not justify a full time salaried employee but you may be dependent on systems to run your business. Paying for emergency help when things go severely wrong is very expensive and that does not take into account downtime losses.

With the right service level agreement, help is available as and when needed. You also have the peace of mind knowing your systems are being monitored and many problems are being fixed without you even being aware there is an issue.

Specialist solution providers require a high level of skills and experience; they are also compliant with all the latest regulations. They have the knowledge to deal with the complexities of virtualization, data backup, cyber security and disaster recovery planning to ensure your business is efficient and protected. So instead of having the headache of recruitment, where someone could take advantage if you are not technically minded, you have an entire team of experts for less than the price of one. Leaving you free to focus on the most important aspect of your business – keeping your customers happy and bringing in new clients.

4.Associated partners

Most IT solution providers work closely with business partners. At Nybble we are accredited SAGE business partners, Lenovo business partners and Partners with many, many leading suppliers. We are approved Microsoft resellers and provide licensing to organisations such as schools. We also have strong relationships with leading forces in the cyber security world, data storage, data solutions, disaster recovery and back-up providers and supply numerous joint solutions to our varied clients. There is literally no area of IT services or solutions that we do not cover and we work alongside the best in the industry.

5.Peace of Mind

You can completely focus on core issues and forget about your technical systems. Issues will be remotely monitored and in most cases fixed before they cause any real problems. Help is a telephone call away. An engineer can be on site as fast as travel time allows. If using Nybble to look after your systems, you will be on a first name basis with the team in no time because we are experienced, down to earth and friendly. No question is a silly question; no problem is too small. We would much prefer you feel confident to ring and ask so that you enjoy using technology as much as we do.

One of our main goals is to make the use of IT accessible to all. If that means talking someone through a task a couple of times till they ‘get it’, that’s fine with us. We understand that in order for someone to feel comfortable they need to understand and we won’t blind you with technical jargon.


All you need

So there you have it, our reasons for outsourcing and helping you grow, boost your bottom line and have happy, confident end users who know, if they hit an issue, they have someone to call.

In fact, why don’t YOU call us right now? 01254 673 806

Keep an eye out for our free downloadable White Papers coming soon detailing each aspect of  our IT solutions.

Posted by Jill Wells 15/07/16

Photo credit: By Geralt on Pixabay

For a wealth of  fantastic images see:

Data Backup – World Backup Day 31st March 2016

Back up, back up and back up again!

Continuing our articles on disaster recovery, data storage and managed Data Backup services, we are fully supportive of World Backup Day 2016.

Whether you are an individual or a business owner, you store far more information digitally than you realise. For some, that realisation only sinks in when that information is lost due to system failure. Out of curiosity, I googled prices for data recovery, carried out within 48 hours, for hard drive failure; what I found was verification for prevention all the way. For business owners who fail to maintain a regular back up plan, the loss of data could lead to a horrific problem and not only financially. Systems fail, hard drives fail and horror of horrors – servers stop working. You simply must not ignore Data Backup; it needs to be a task as natural as putting on your seatbelt.

We can help

At Nybble we provide full solutions for your IT requirements. We also provide Data Hosting Services. Using our data hosting exchange solution provides these key features and benefits:

  • Security using SSL (Secured Socket Layer)
  • Access to your data anywhere – PC, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet & Browser
  • Pay as you go for only what you need
  • Ease of use and maintenance simple to do
  • Reliability and disaster recovery capabilities
  • UK based storage as standard
  • Simple migration process
  • No capital outlay
  • Full support with no hidden charges
  • Competitive pricing

We have some very large companies under our wing and we protect their data and have backup plans in place should something awful happen. All it takes is for one server to go down and a whole section of your business could be unable to function. We have one of the fastest response times in the industry, we don’t tell you it could take up to 4 hours to hear from us, we are accessible 24/7 and our clients appreciate our northern warmth and our plain speak – we don’t make promises we can’t keep. So if you want your IT services managed, made secure, backed up and robust, call us or email us and we will tailor to your requirement.

Proof of the pudding

If you read statistics online and I urge you to read my post on disaster recovery about this topic:  it’s a well quoted statistic that a business hit by floods or disaster is allegedly likely to close within 6 months; one of our clients WAS hit by floods and despite doing everything possible to protect against this issue, found his server underwater. Nybble technicians had a new server cabinet installed and 98% of data recovered within 2 hours, everything recovered essential to his business. Call us we can help you.

Facing the challenge of Data Backup

When was the last time you backed up your information? How would you feel if you lost that fantastic accrued library of mp3’s, that special photo of a loved one you never got around to printing, all your tax records or the software programs you have long ago lost the discs and licenses for? As a business user, do you have a backup of your client list? Is your sensitive information safe and have you got a plan in place should the worst happen, ideally involving backup copies of everything, stored away from your business location?

With reports of another nasty ransomware (malicious code that freezes everything and demands a ransom to unlock) doing the rounds and affecting some major companies worldwide, backup should not be a consideration – it should be a necessity. We will tailor a solution to what you need and what you can afford, call us now and see how we can help.

Posted by Jill Wells 30/03/2016

Further reading: Forbes business article

Photo credit: by Leeroy