5 Reasons Why Microsoft 365 Is Pivotal For Your Business In 2022

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Over the past couple of years, many workplace environments have adapted, leaving many organisations asking the question as to how they can maximise efficiency, productivity and connectivity.

Microsoft 365 caters for all of the above and is specifically designed and constantly adapted to increase productivity in the modern-day working environment.

Here are five reasons why Microsoft 365 is crucial for allowing your business to continue to increase efficiency and flexibility in the modern-day working world.

Cloud Flexibility

The first benefit of Microsoft 365 is the fact that all data is stored in the cloud, meaning that physical hardware such as locally stored servers and infrastructure can be replaced by modern, highly reliable, resilient cloud infrastructure.

Cloud technology is continuously developing, meaning flexibility for your employees is only going to improve over time. With Microsoft hosting cloud infrastructure themselves, it also means that the latest patches and updates will be deployed to you when ready, ensuring that you are continuously keeping on top of the latest, most effective cloud technology.

Live Collaboration

Another benefit of Microsoft 365 is Sharepoint. This is a feature that allows multiple people to collaborate on a document in real-time, regardless of their location. Sharepoint works through popular Microsoft apps such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel and allows multiple people to work on the same document, with each user having a separate colour allowing you to see which colleague has posted an update, as well as when they are typing.

Sharepoint has been a major plus for many businesses looking to work through the COVID-19 pandemic, although has also continued onwards since, adding ease for workers to be able to link up and collaborate easier than ever, maximising efficiency and saving time on needless travel, allowing remote working away from the office to continue.

Highly Secure

With the added flexibility of cloud infrastructure and live online collaboration, security of documentation may be a concern for your business. All security of these documents is managed by Microsoft themselves, ensuring top-class security that hands your business peace of mind.

Signing up through Nybble as your IT partner will also further bolster all aspects of your businesses security. We are a cyber security accredited organisation that are constantly monitoring the growing threats of an online attack to best ensure our clients’ safety.

Read more on the threat of cyber attacks, as well as how Nybble can help your business here.

Manage Your Own Costs

As well as the increased flexibility that Microsoft 365 brings to the workplace, there is also added flexibility in costings, ensuring that you only pay for what you use.

Microsoft 365’s Legacy subscription also allows businesses to add and remove licenses on the fly, meaning that you can alter your subscription cost on a month-by-month basis, depending on the number of licenses you need for the number of staff that need Microsoft 365’s features. This is a feature that is only available to customers who sign up with Nybble before March 2022.

Microsoft have various 365 plans in place, with pricing varying depending on the number of features that your business needs. In order to help you make an informed decision into the licenses best suited for your business, Nybble have software to complete a free health check on your tenancy, this can take a look into features and applications being used by each of your users, ensuring that the correct license can be assigned, and you will not be overpaying for features you are not using. Please also note that should any user need more access later down the line to additional features, licenses can be adjusted, as long as you sign-up through Nybble before March 2022.

Improved Communications

Microsoft Teams is included as part of a Microsoft 365 subscription. Teams has seen incredible growth leading up to and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and now has a reported 115 million active users every day. Teams’ popularity has grown due to its reliability and functionality, including features such as:

  • Video conferencing and screen-sharing
  • Online meeting
  • Large file sharing up to 250 GB
  • Chat functions
  • Team channels
  • Intergration with Sharepoint

Like all of Microsoft’s 365 features, Teams is continuing to grow, with Microsoft implementing regular updates to ensure your business stays on top of all the technology trends to improve efficiency and productivity.

Save Costs & Increase Flexibility With Microsoft 365 Through Nybble – Sign Up Before March 2022

From 1st of March 2022, Microsoft 365 product prices will be rising, whilst the flexibility to amend licenses on a monthly basis will be removed – unless you sign up with Nybble.

Trusting Nybble as your Microsoft 365 partner will ensure you avoid price increases for 12 months, whilst also maintaining the ability to add and amend licenses on the fly.

Contact us here, call 0330 002 0885 or email enquiries@nybble.co.uk before March 2022 for more info on how we can upgrade your technology, avoid price increases and maintain flexibility within your organisation.

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