Nybble Wins Corporate Challenge

Nybble wins the Corporate Challenge 2018

In truth, East Lancashire Hospice was the real winner. At last, we can announce that they raised £45,000.  This was due to the generosity of 25 Lancashire businesses and all the people who donated.

The event, sponsored by Organic Insurance, closed with a night to celebrate all the individual achievements. We felt completely at home at the Blackburn Rovers Football Club venue, having become their digital partner and the night finished on a high note for us personally. Named overall winners of the challenge and walking away with the caring and sharing award.

Thank you very much to everyone who donated – you truly have changed lives for the better.

To celebrate, Nybble Owner, Ram and Jennifer Quinn of the East Lancashire Hospice, joined Sally Nayden on BBC Radio Lancashire. Firstly, to discuss the successful annual Corporate Challenge but also to express gratitude to all involved.

Ready for the BBC Radio Lancashire Interview

Notably, Ram announced that Nybble IT would be donating Virtual Reality Equipment to the hospice.

The beauty of this gift, is that it will enable people to visit places around the world. Using the technology, it will enable sights that they would otherwise never get to see. Ram explained:

You can wear the headset and instantly be able to visit the Sistine Chapel, be able to walk around with a 360 degree view as if truly standing there, I hope this goes some way to making dreams come true.


Interview at Radio Lancashire

Calling the community

Thank you to Sally Naden at BBC Radio Lancashire for highlighting that the hospice is reliant on donations and for giving Nybble IT a great ‘shout out’.

Business in Lancashire is thriving, this challenge helped us see not only how diverse the skill set is, but how hard-working, generous and talented we all are and how when we come together as a region few can beat us. Let’s continue to work together!

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