Nybble Supports Corporate Challenge

Nybble Supports Corporate Challenge

Life is all about learning, loving and filing away those memories.

After my dad passed away, my priest said something to me. There are only two questions that are really important at the end:

“Was I loved?”
“Did I love?”

We come into this world, for the most part, loved and surrounded by family. Surely, as we say our goodbyes it should be the same?

I didn’t want to go to The East Lancashire Hospice when we signed up for the Corporate Challenge – companies pledging to raise funds to support them, which Nybble is proud to do this year – I didn’t want to go because I didn’t want to think about my dad.

On arrival, the atmosphere was very upbeat. Attending were representatives of 25 local businesses. Next, we listened to the challenge instructions. Following this, good-natured, competitive banter erupted, whilst we enjoyed tasty bacon sandwiches and hot drinks. Finally some jostling, as we organised positions for a group photo. Enjoyable though it was, I was starting to think about how much work I was returning to.

Then, a lady quietly stepped forward.

With a halting voice and immense bravery, she told us about the day she said goodbye to her best friend, her husband. We learned about a grandson who flew in from Australia desperately trying to make it in time. And during this time, most importantly, she was gently prepared for what was to come by the hospice team.

Moreover, the entire family was supported. Not only up to that terribly sad moment, but afterwards. So much so, that the memories are precious not traumatic.

I walked out determined that we would help this wonderful team. My Managing Director looked and me and said, “Are you in?”

So, someone at Nybble is going to do a skydive (despite being terrified of heights) and lots of other smaller fund raising events which sponsors will be invited to commit what they can.

Please help us – It is so worthwhile.

Do you love?
Are you loved?

J Wells