5 Reasons For Outsourced IT Support

Outsourced Managed IT Services

The explosion of information technology has brought immense change. Consequently, data is instantly available, storing and retrieval of information is easy. Software apps appear daily, managing all aspects of business and our lives. As a result, an array of devices and programming has brought a wave of consultants. All bombarding our inboxes to sell, sell sell.

Hardware is rapidly incorporating artificial intelligence. Digital security is essential and data storage with back-up solutions for disaster recovery a must.

So, how do you as a business keep up? Can your IT personnel cope? Does their training meet current standards? Do they have links with key manufacturers? Understand current legislation? Provide a good ROI? These questions have prompted CEO’s to outsource IT support & services, cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

Typical concerns about outsourced IT services

Entrusting confidential business information to a third party requires serious consideration. Apprehension is justified. Data control is complex and regulated. Above all, incorrect handling of data will have far-reaching, harmful repercussions for your business, staff and clients.

You may have relied on an individual or team for a number of years to manage your IT. Committing funds to training and infrastructure is essential. At some point, you’ll come across issues beyond the capability of your in-house team.

Smaller enterprises may not have the funds to invest. In addition, at the early stages of growth, technology may not be a priority .

Being locked into a contract is a step small businesses are reluctant to take.

We sat down and decided our top 5 benefits of outsourcing your IT management. Hopefully it will give you a much clearer picture, take away some of the concerns and help you to decide if outsourcing is for you.

5 Reasons to Outsource your IT Services

1.Boost Bottom Line

If I’m paying you to look after my IT, then it will cost me more right?

You are paying an employee £30K a year or more to manage your IT services onsite. It’s difficult for him to attend training because he has to be onsite. His solutions are based on individual knowledge. He may not be able to negotiate good deals or sources. If your company was victim to a denial of service (DDOS) attack does he have the latest information and know how to handle it? If you are a small business, unable to afford a specialist, you will suffer downtime as inexperienced staff try to fix problems.

In contrast, we fully manage your IT. We can be available 24/7 just a phone call away. Furthermore, we eliminate training costs, essential in the constantly evolving world of IT, we provide peace of mind that should disaster happen you’ll suffer minimal downtime. You will be totally compliant with current regulations.

Boost your bottom line with outsourced IT management

Boost your bottom line with outsourced IT management

With better time efficiency and higher productivity you’ll boost bottom line.  You’ll have the ability to control system use. Misuse will be reported in an unbiased manner. Nybble have solutions to help you view a centrally controlled dashboard, showing all traffic on your networks and highlighted issues.

With access to the latest applications, reduced support costs and higher productivity, you will have a predictable budget for growth. As a result, you will be able to invest capital funds on areas directly related to products, customers and services, having access to extensive specialist knowledge.

2.All or nothing? Not with the right partner

You may have put considerable investment into your IT Manager’s skill set. A highly qualified expert will be in demand elsewhere too and the salary will be attractive. Significantly, by outsourcing you pay a set cost, agreed at the onset,  for a full team of experts to look after every aspect of your IT. Furthermore, getting you best prices on hardware to use cutting-edge tech to protect your assets

The same person may have looked after your IT since inception. They may be well trained, efficient and loyal. If your business is now thriving and ready for rapid expansion you can partner with us to enhance what you already have. Nybble provide this layer of expertise to many clients who have effective in-house IT teams. We cover periods of sickness, holidays and situations requiring a higher level of skill or knowledge.

An in-house employee ensures the smooth running of systems and services. By having a third party involved you are sharing the responsibility for your infrastructure. As your partner we have  a vested interest in keeping the business running smoothly and have great relationships with leading, reliable vendors. All in all, having a backup for trouble shooting makes sense, especially when paying for what you need when you need it.

3.What you need when you need it

IT requirements fluctuate. Your particular need may not justify a full time salaried employee. At the same time, you may be dependent on systems to run your business. Paying for emergency help when things go severely wrong is expensive not to mention downtime losses.

With the right service level agreement, help is as needed. Your systems will be monitored with problems fixed without you even being aware there was an issue.

Specialist solution providers demand a high level of skill and experience, they are compliant regulations. They deal with the complexities of virtualisation, data backup, cyber security and disaster recovery planning ensuring your business is efficient and protected. Also, instead of time-consuming recruitment, you have an entire team of experts for less than the price of one. Leaving you free to focus on keeping your customers happy and bringing in new clients.

4.Associated partners

Most IT solution providers work closely with business partners. At Nybble we are accredited SAGE business partners, Lenovo business partners and Partners with many, many leading suppliers.

hpWe are approved Microsoft resellers and provide licensing to educational institutions. We have strong relationships with leaders in the cyber security world, data storage, data solutions, disaster recovery and back-up providers and supply numerous joint solutions to our varied clients. There is literally no area of IT services or solutions that we do not cover and we work alongside the best in the industry.

5.Peace of Mind

You can completely focus on core issues and forget about your technical systems. Issues are remotely monitored and fixed. Help is a telephone call away. An engineer can be on site as fast as travel time allows. If Nybble look after your systems, you will be on a first name basis with the team. We are experienced, down to earth and friendly. No question is a silly question; no problem is too small. To put it another way, we want you to feel confident and enjoy using technology as much as we do.

Our main goal, is to make IT accessible to all. With this in mind, if that means talking someone through a task a couple of times till they understand, that’s fine with us. To feel comfortable you may need help and we won’t blind you with technical jargon.

All you need

So there you have it, our reasons for outsourcing and helping you grow, boost your bottom line and have happy, confident end users who know, if they hit an issue, they have someone to call.

In fact, why don’t YOU call us right now? 01254 673 806

Jill Wells