Don’t leave her gift till the last minute…

A gift with style

So you want to buy her that special gift that shows just how much you care… but you’ve already bought the ring or perhaps you are avoiding that one for now! How about this deliciously enticing, eye-catching laptop? Super stylish it would make the lucky recipient feel very cared about, without breaking the bank. Hurry we have a limited number, once seen it’s on a wish list!


The ‘Beeb’ does its micro:bit!

Introducing the BBC micro:bit computer

With October just days away, the BBC will launch its BBC micro:bit project to year 7 pupils across the UK. A free initiative, the idea is to encourage children to have an avid interest in computer science. In line with the new curriculum, children will be guided to computer science literacy and computational thinking. Partners on the project include: ARM, Barclays, element14, Freescale, our very own Lancaster University, Microsoft, Nordic Semiconductor, Samsung and ScienceScope. The Technology Will Save Us and Wellcome Trust organisations are also involved.


Data protection regulations are you prepared?

Data Protection – A better understanding

The recent headlines have caused many to rethink on-line behaviour. How many privacy policies in reality have you read from start to finish? More importantly, if you have, do you understand them? If you haven’t and you can’t, will your customers understand how you handle their information? There is a need for a simplified clearer format; something planned for in the new EU Data Protection Regulation. The council are striving for a workable and enforceable solution.

At the beginning of August this year, over 2 million mobile phone customers discovered there had been a data breach. Although not an isolated event and dominant in the headlines for a few days, has anything actually changed in light of these occurrences? Are customers any better protected from identity theft? The new directives intend to put protection in place. If a company has data breached, if feasible, they must now notify the national supervisory authority within 24 hours.


A little Nybble with a large Byte

Not just a pretty shop

On first impressions you could be forgiven for thinking that is simply a small PC repair shop nestled in the heart of Blackburn Town Centre. A steady stream of clients entrust their technology devices to our highly trained technicians and others browse the latest in hardware, checking out all the great pieces of equipment we have tested out for ourselves and offer on our shelves. This is where the similarity to other PC repair centres ends. Working with worldwide leading manufacturers we supply leading, cutting edge technology to all and our own bespoke software to industry.